joi, 13 martie 2014

TRUE LOVE by Isaac Asimov

From the very beginning we observe that the story is told from the computer point of view.The main character of the story is Milton Davidson.Milton is expert in computers.He understands more about computers than anyone else.Milton has never married because he has never found the right woman.One day Milton asks his computer to find his true love.The author gives a detailed description of the way in which the computer selects the girls.From this description we come to the idea that Milton is a capricious person.He does not like any girl.he chooses the girls according to certain criteria.Milton is a dishonest man.He had arranged the computer to do things.It was not designed to do.No one knew about that.The computer even gives the definition of manipulation:shifting people from job to job for personal reasons is called manipulation.The girls visited Milton but he did not feel the true love towards any of them,although he thought they were ideal.They did not please him because they could not act in such a way as to be his ideal.That means that Milton is a pretentious man because there are not ideal persons in the world.Everybody makes mistakes.Milton is an ambitious man.Although he was dissapointed in his search for a girl,he continued it.He wanted his dream to become true.He is patient and does not lose his temper.Milton wanted to find a girl who was personal,emotional and temperal fit to him.In fact he wanted to find his second personality.The suspense grows while looking for a girl.The reader is eager to find out what will happen further.In fact he thinks that the computer is his best friend,his second personality:talking to you,Joe,is almost like talking to another self.Our personalities have to come to match perfectly.Exactly this personality should have the girl Milton would choose.Finally,after such a hard work,after many researches,they found the girl.Her name was Charity.The girl wanted to come to Milton but at that moment the police arrested him and he did not realize his dream.His friend,the computer,will teach her how to take care of it.The computer would tell Charity that she was its true love.The title of the story is bound with Milton/s dream,that is he wanted to find his true love.He did not realize his wish and remained still unhappy.Instead of this his friend,the computer,found its true love and was happy.The theme of the story is searching for tru love.The idea is that one should not look for the perfect person because we all are human beings and make,at least,some mistakes.Nobody is perfect in the world.Also her e we may come to the idea that one should not do dishonest things because this leads to a tragic ending.The language of the story is easy.The author uses short sentences which are easy to understand.The dialogue brings the reader nearer to the events of the story.I like this story very much.From it I understood that it is not so easy to find the true love,the person who will be your partner for the whole life.